Facial Waxing in Sedalia, MO

Unwanted facial hair can be a strain on your self-confidence and a bother to groom. At Epic Nail Spa LLC, we make dealing with it simple. Schedule a facial waxing appointment and let us tame those unruly eyebrows, get rid of that upper-lip shadow and keep your sideburns in-check.

Our facial waxing services are performed by experience aestheticians who know the importance of proper technique and customer care. Come see why we’re the preferred destination for lip and eyebrow waxing in Sedalia, Dresden, Georgetown, or Smithton, MO!


Unruly sideburns can give you grief while you’re trying to style your hair. Instead of trimming them down or trying to style them without success, schedule a waxing appointment with us. We’ll leave you with results that make it easier to apply makeup evenly and give you smooth skin, without stubble or tweezing marks.


Are your eyebrows getting a little too friendly with one another? Need help shaping and proportioning them to go with your everyday look? We offer eyebrow waxing for Sedalia, MO residents, so you don’t need to worry about tweezing, threading or trimming. Let us give your brows the attention they need to achieve a perfect shape and style.


Don’t let a gentle shadow on your upper lip leave you feeling self-conscious! We offer lip waxing that erases peach fuzz and stray hairs, giving you back a supple smoothness and all the confidence that comes with it. Our waxing services come with long-lasting results, so you can eliminate upper-lip maintenance from your morning routine.

Schedule Facial Waxing Appointment

Stop plucking, shaving and shaping facial hair that you want to get rid of altogether! Instead, schedule an appointment for waxing, manicures, or pedicures with Epic Nail Spa LLC today by calling 660-826-8868. Our aestheticians are happy to discuss eyebrow waxing, lip and sideburn waxing with you, so you leave our salon feeling confident in your look. Contact us today!