Manicures in Sedalia, MO

Show off a beautiful set of nails and flash color, style and sophistication with custom manicures from Epic Nail Spa LLC. We specialize in acrylic nails, as well as gel and powder-dipped styles, to give you the hue and design you want from your manicure. Our reputation as one of the best salons in Sedalia, Dresden, Georgetown, or Smithton, MO is one we strive to uphold, and we promise you’ll leave with anils you love!

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the most popular option for manicures, and for good reason. They’re strong and come in an infinite range of styles and colors. Choose the nail style that appeals most to you and we’ll customize it so you get a one-of-a-kind manicure that looks great and lasts.

Nail-Dipping Powder

Nail-dipping powder is a popular favorite because of the high level of customization they offer. With no need to UV-cure the solution, you’re able to get beautiful, strong nails in a variety of styles, fast. Expect chip-free manicures that are glamorous and stylish, with a custom blend of color and a finish that matches your style.

Gel Polish

Gel polish nails are flexible and long-lasting—great for anyone who works with their hands. Get perfect French tips, restore damaged or discolored nails, or protect your nails with a gel coat that looks great and stands up to everyday demands.

Nail Design

From French tips to custom nail designs, we can create the exact aesthetic you want from your nails. Our stylists are experts with access to everything from embellishments to stencils, who can turn your nails into works of art! Choose a theme, style or concept and let us make it real for you.

Nails You’ll Love

Whether for a special event or just because you like the way they look, the place for manicures in Sedalia, MO is Epic Nail Spa LLC. Contact us today at 660-826-8868 to schedule an appointment or visit us to speak with one of our stylists about the different manicure, pedicure, or facial waxing options we offer.